About Our Institute

Sakina Charity Institute

Sakina Institute was founded in 1985 October, in the city of Omdurman, as a non-profit organisation by the late Professor Dr. Faisal Mohammed Makki. With the help of his late mother Sakina it was inaugurated by the then minister of social welfare Sulaiman Abu Salih. The purpose of the institute is to educate and care for the children with disabilities . Initially it was difficult to convince the families of the disabled children due to the stigma and taboo of having a disabled child. Those with disabled female children suffered more embarrassment due to the stigma of having a desi baled female child in the house which could affect the reputation of their other daughters and the rejection of them for marriage.

Our Mission

Is to develop the idea and rehabilitating the special needs children and care for them medically and socially. Also the acceptance of all special needs children regardless of their disability conditions, social status, racial or religious orientation. The institute rehabilitation program depends on educating the child on independence. For example how to wear clothes and their social behaviour.

How We Work

The child is educated in a method specifically catered to his intelligence and mental brain abilities, I.Q and mentally related tests are performed in order to determine the level of the student. The institute classes are divided in order to allow assimilation between the student's actual ages and their mental capacities.

What We Offer

we offer daily free transport to and from its premises to the homes of children of low income families. The transport offer covers the greater Khartoum metropolitan area.

we offer a free breakfast meal followed by a lunch meal in the afternoon.

we offer free general medical check up to the student with special emphasis on the psychiatric and neurological state of the student.

we offer free IQ tests for the student.

Sakina Funding

Most of Sakina institute's funding comes from the revenues of the commercial properties of the Sakina complex such as the cafeteria and the Faisal club. The properties are rented at a fraction of the market and its revenues are spent on the institutes expenses. Other funding usually comes from generous private donors.

Management Board

General Director

Salah Mohammed Makki

Dr.Salah whom along with being the director of the institute he is also the institute pediatric doctor. Dr.Salah was promoted from the institute's pediatrician to director on July 2010 after the Sudden death of the previous director the late Saif Al-dawla Mohamed Amin. He is the forth director of the institute since its founded in 1985. Dr.Salah was able to managehis time between the institute's affairs and treatinh its paitients.


Kamal Mohammed Makki

Head Master

Alaa Mohammed Makki

Project Manager

Dr.Awad Higazi